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Lix by Shadowcat

Tongues for oral lovers.

Kinky Chameleon by Shadowcat

Chameleon with tickler

The Thing From District 69 by Shadowcat

Alien lover from outer space

Ocean Lord by Shadowcat

An excited Merman. That's right.

Eggstasy by Shadowcat

An egg with a tail

Misty The Mermaid by Shadowcat

Deep sea treasure!

Victor The Very Friendly Sea Monster V.2.5 by Shadowcat

Short, thick, exotic, rideable tentacle with extra tendrils for extra pleasure!

Chameleon Dragon by Shadowcat

What's going on....

BEEP The Raccoon(hasn't Got A Name Yet :)) by Shadowcat

An anthro raccoon toy

Abyssal Drake V.3 by Shadowcat

My dream <3