The Mountain Drake by - Xan


Legend has it that before the mountain dragons mature into shining metallic beasts, they display a wide array of beautiful colors to attract potential mates and warn their natural enemies of their might!
As with all legends, it does hint at the truth, but it will take a true dragon scholar to discover how their hostility might not live up to the stories of old. Dare you venture into the highlands, where the Mountain Drake roams?

The Mountain Drake is designed with three things in mind:
The toy has a textured knot with more room behind it, meaning it can be comfortably worn for extended periods, and is pleasurable to ride/grind on even beyond insertion of the knot.

The Texture:
The bumps near the head are meant to be more subtle than the rest, with only the three on the underside being really pronounced. The 'scale' texture down the back of the toy is meant to be as subtle as the scale texture on the Cockatrice, although it will be smooth on this toy instead of matte. Towards the knot, the texture gets gradually more noticeable, although without any sharp angles.

In this latest version, the bridge after the knot have been increased a slight bit in thickness (about 10%) to improve stability

This is the 7. iteration of the original idea, which has been subjected to several rounds of comments and critique. I hope you'll enjoy :)




Mini: Knot diameter: 1.60" / Circumference: 5"

Small: Knot diameter: 1.95" / Circumference: 6.1"

Medium: Knot diameter: 2.3" / Circumference: 7.1"
Useable length: 6"

Large: Knot diameter: 2.7" / Circumference: 8.2"


Dragon lore, Imagination and other BD toys

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