Drystan The Studded Draconine by - J_Browsing


"Meet Drystan the Studded Draconine that wants to rub you raw. He's been going through some pretty nice modifications thanks to other worldly portals and futuristic space adventures. 6 pairs of studs on his front and an entire row on the back that reaches from the head to the bottom of his knot. That's not all. Even his head is studded for those subtle (or not so) rotations when you're going for a bumpy ride."
Please leave suggestions if you vote it down, otherwise I won't know how to improve.

Pic 2 and 3 are gifs.

Suggestions have asked for a less pointy head. I think i managed that. They also asked for texture on the base. This is a temporary design until i can figure something that doesn't try to crash my computer.

Submit feedback on the red model pls.




Head 1.25"
Shaft 1.5"
Knot 2.25"
After knot shaft 1.1"
Usable Length 6.5"
Total Length 8.25"
always subject to change


Flint, Nox, Pretzel, any other canines

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