Abyssal Drake V.3 by - Shadowcat


Made the shaft shorter realizing that the measurements couldn't have worked last time around. It would have been too long for women to reach the knot properly, added back some curve because it feels nice and remember that it's silicone, it's not that thick, it will straighten easily it's not like it's made of metal x)
Added some more room under the knot. Made base narrower.

This is my favorite design of all the toys I've designed, I hope you like it as much as I do.

I combined two of my favorite looking toys in this design, the waterhorse and Elden(which is my personal favorite toy). I guess it also looks a bit like the gryphon :)

So here it is. The abyssal drake v.3

Let me know what you think! And thank you for all the feedback you've given me it means a lot to me and helps me make it also the dream toy for YOU.




Estimated...I'm not good at calculating these things.. x)

Usable Length: 6inches
Diameter of knot: 2 inches


Elden, waterhorse

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