Samantha The Stinger by - NN


She's gonna poison your prostate! Designed for hitting those sweet, sweet spots in your boy butt, the stinger is bound to pump you full of juices! But that doesn't mean the ladies can't enjoy her! She might just whip up the G-spot! She's sleek and small, she'll manage to fit in almost any crevice you put her in! Buckle up cowboy, no more snakes in your boots, it's time to get stung.




First segment: 2"
Second segment: 1.8"
Third segment: 1.6"
Stinger segment: 1.4"

Average diameter of largest part of segment: 1.3"
Average diameter of smallest part of segment(between segments): 0.8"

Total usable length: 6.8"
Base thickness: 0.7"
Base length: 5"
Base Width: 3"


Scorpions and arachnids.
Lack of non-flared goods.

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