Atticus The Sea Serpent by - Katy


Atticus has always been content with life under the sea, but recently grew curious about life on the shore when Spritz and Bruce came back telling stories of wild parties, new friends, and the strangest company. Will your portholes be ready when Atticus wraps his coils around you?


Atticus is my attempt to find a smoother version of some of the lovely curved toys BD has to offer. Atticus takes heavy inspiration from Nox and Scorn in shape and texture, with a nod towards Flint with an uncut head. The goal was for Atticus to be similar to Stan in terms of smoothness, but at a much more manageable size and angle. The swell of the shaft is in homage to Crackers and Echo, with the base inspired by Vasu.

As a medium sized toy, Atticus would be roughly on par with a medium Crackers or Xar. While I personally don't use toys this large, there are other toyers on the forums asking for more girthy toys in vaginal-friendly lengths.




Measurements are not precise, but a suggestion;

Head: 1.8"
Widest part of shaft: 2.6"
Usable length: 6"
Total length: 8.5"


Scorn, Nox, Crackers, Echo, Flint, Vasu, Stan.

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