Lucien The Hybrid by - LostHowler


Walking through the warm jungle and feeling somewhat lost, a strange scent wafts towards you. Musky but not unpleasant, slightly floral and spicy, you decide to follow your nose; though something tells you this may be a bad idea, the exotic smell has your head spinning.

Making your way through the dense foliage, you eventually come to a small clearing. Sprawled out amongst the grass and leaves, a chocolate-furred chimera smirks at you sleepily. Golden scales adorn his face and arms, glittering in the thin afternoon rays as he suns himself. A caracal-like head, humanoid body, and thick feline tail, he's an interesting sight to behold. His green eyes spark with interest as he watches your gaze trace his lithe form.

Your gaze stops at his loins, a heavy hybrid cock laying across his stomach, pulsing with want. With a red tip and golden shaft, it almost seems to shimmer.

He grins widely. "Like what you see?" He asks, his voice a low purr. You gulp, watching as he gracefully stands, his every movement fluid. "Maybe I'll show you a little more.." He coos as he walks over.

*GG to the person who noped this because it needs more texture. It's been explicitly stated this one is lower on texture because a lot of people have been asking for smoother designs.

Companion art(That is, concepts of the character himself) are in progress and will be added once completed. He was fun to make, and this was interesting to write.




Total length - 9.5"
Usable length - 8"
Circumference of head - 2"
Circumference of shaft - 3.5"
Circumference of shaft widest - 4.5"
Circumference of knot - 6.5"


None. I just played in zBrush until I had something I liked, and he evolved from there.

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