Dracolitch by - Shadow_Twisted


When you ventured into the lair of this beast, you expected the smell of rotting flesh to fill the room, but instead there's a different scent permeating the large catacomb. A musky aroma of arousal fills your lungs as you breathe and you follow the scent to the source. You find the smell is coming from an undead dragon, and more specifically from the bone-armored member hanging between his legs. This undead dragon is ready to show you just how lively he can be!




Estimated Measurements:
Diameter of Head: 1.5"
Diameter of Shaft: 1.25"
Diameter of Knot: 2"
Usable Length: 6.25"
Total Length: 7"


The design is taken from my love of skulls and is partially inspired by the Boneknapper dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

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