Kage The Anomaly by - Chibity


When living in the darkness, one must rely on their other senses to find their way. And in the heat of the moment, when there exists only a taste, feel, smell and sound, the drive for more is always alight.

For fans of any knot-centric toys, the Anomaly is a design that features a spiral bulb and protruding ridges for a truly unique experience. Based off of a blind ‘what’s-it’ sort of creature, the Anomaly takes creative liberty from its very name, and displays a number of features that have already proven popular in existing Bad Dragon toys… but all together now!

Care to guide him?

Art, design and model by Chibity

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Diameter of Head: 1.25”
Diameter of Shaft: 1.7”
Diameter of Knot: 2.3”
Usable Length: 6.5”
Total Length: 7.25”


Nox, Fenrir and the Ridgeback

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