How does this whole process work?

In short - designers upload designs for approval, receive feedback, and have an opportunity to see their designs come to life! Users can be involved in each step of the process with constructive feedback and support!

Submission Stage

Ideas are submitted to Bad Dragon Labs. Designs are first hidden from public view, but will be approved within a couple business days and published for everyone to see. In this stage we'll be screening offensive, incomplete, or illegal designs. Here are a few simple guidelines to help your design get approved:

  • Must include at least one image. No photos of people, animals, or illegal items/situations.
  • Avoid low resolution, grainy, or incomplete drawings.
  • Design should be roughly phallic in shape.
  • Consider adding at least a small text description.
  • Keep focus on your design by excluding any unnecessary offensive material.
  • Must not include copyrighted material. Referencing is nice, stealing is not!
If your design is rejected we'll let you know why and give you a chance to make changes.

Feedback Stage

Once an idea is up other users can submit feedback, rate, and watch your design! As the designer you'll want to read the feedback to see what others are looking for. Only the designer will have access to feedback left this way, but if a more interactive form of feedback is preferred consider posting in the Suggestions and Ideas section of the forum.
There is even a section there for Bad Dragon Labs specific topics!

Now is the time to work toward finalizing your design and getting all the details sorted.

Verified Stage

Verified designs are those deemed by Bad Dragon to be viable for production and have all necessary information. If you think your design is complete hit the request verification button**.

Our staff will give your design the final once over. In order to be verified your design needs:

  • A completed 3D model or orthographic drawings (top, side, front, etc) of design
  • Feasibility of manufacturing and requested features
  • Size measurements

Try to ask for verification when you think you are finished! We understand the desire to keep making small tweaks and changes, however please keep your verification requests infrequent as it requires a fair amount of time from our staff. If you edit your design after being verified it will lose verification status and will have to be verified again.

Voting Stage

The final stretch for designs! For each voting stage our Staff will be choosing several verified designs we feel will have the best chance at becoming products in our store. A design MUST be verified before we can consider it. No design changes can be made to a design that's in the voting stage.

Registered users can each cast a single vote for their favorite design. At the end of voting (usually two weeks) the design will be slated for production! We'll start working to make it a reality!

Designs not brought into voting are not disqualified and may have an opportunity to be voted for in upcoming contests, so keep an eye out for your favorites if they don't win the first time around! Designers feel free to take the time to consider feedback and make any changes you feel could improve your chances for next time.

Designs losing in the voting stage are not gone forever, either! They'll be able to enter in additional contests after a one round cool-down.


Your design will be released in a single size and limited colors and features. We like to take our time on this stage to ensure things come out nicely. If necessary, we may make small changes to your design.

If your design does extremely well we'll welcome it into our main lineup! It will be expanded to our standard four sizes and will come with more color and feature options (pending what the design can support). On occasion we may love a design so much we choose to put it directly into mainline production right away!


You didn't think we'd ask for something for nothing! After your design hits our virtual shelves you'll be compensated for all of your hard work. In addition to receiving one free copy of the toy you designed you have the option of getting $200 cash or $400 in store credit at Bad Dragon's website! Not too shabby!

Oh, and if it becomes one of our standard lineup? You'll receive an additional $500 cash or store credit!

*A note about taxes: If Bad Dragon pays you over $599.99 in a single year we need to report your income to the IRS. We'll need to obtain some personal information to do this. We respect your privacy and will not store or share your personal information and will only use it for the sole purpose of reporting your income.

How do I know if my design will work?

Check out the Submission Guidelines page for more details!

What's a staff pick?

Normally designs are voted on by the community, but in some cases we may skip that and grab a toy for production ourselves! The designer will still receive all prizes they deserve in this case.

Question not answered here?

We’ll expand this FAQ as necessary. In the meantime please submit a ticket with your question.
Please allow up to 2 business days for our BD Labs staff to respond.

**These features will come in the near future